The first thing you might think when you break your iPhone glass or LCD is you should probably take it to an Apple Retail location and have them repair it. This is pretty common, and a normal response, but there are several reasons you should consider third party iPhone hardware repair instead.

First, contrary to popular demand fixing a cracked or smashed screen on the new iPhone 5 models (including the 5S and 5C) is easier than the previous iPhone 4 models. There are only four or five screws holding the entire device together and with a steady hand and enough technical expertise, the full front display can be switched out in less than 30 minutes. This is good news because the Apple alternative is simply an entirely new phone for the price of $169. This may seem like a decent deal, until you realize you are 100% responsible for backing up all your data, and that screen repair is often half this price and can be done while you wait.

With that said, not all third party iPhone repair services, especially here in Winnipeg are created equal. Anyone can order a few replacement screen kits online and throw up an advertisement , so it’s important you decide to go with a trusted and professional service that has the quality parts and skilled technicians necessary to get the job done. Finding the lowest price for iPhone 5 screen repair off Kijiji is something many people do but it routinely results in crappy parts being installed and problems down the road. Lower quality parts can mean digitizer issues and more money spent down the road.

iPhone Repair Winnipeg is your source for quality, affordability and convenience. We’ve done the heavy lifting and leg work to find quality parts that we can offer to you at competitive rates and back it up with a 60 day warranty. Avoid the fly-by-night repair businesses that won’t be around next month and leave you in the dust. Contact us today and we’d love to get your iPhone fixed up – and of course, don’t drop it again!


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